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Apr 1940 Kaneman Ltd. was established,and started sales of steel pipes.
Aug 1944 The company was registrated.
Apr 1950 Tokyo works begins production.
Dec 1954 Renamed Shinshouwa kokan Ltd.
Feb 1967 Opened the Ibaragi Factory.
Nov 1972 Marged Tokyo works into Ibaragi Factory.
Jun 1973 Ibaragi Factory was registered as JIS Factory.
Oct 1973 Fukushima Factory was registered as JIS Factory.
Oct 1977 Established Nagoya office.
Sep 1981 Opened Gifu works.
Apr 1985 Gifu Factory was registered as JIS Factory.
Sep 1988 Reconstructed Ibaragi works.
Jul 1993 Opened part of steel pipe in Gifu works.
Sep 2000 Introduced Total Productive Mainenance.
Jan 2003 Obtained certificate of JISQ9001:2001 and ISO2000.
Feb 2004 Established Nagoya brunch.
Jul 2004 Ibaragi Factory,Fukusima Factory and Gifu Factory were registered as new JIS Factory.
Jul 2009 Obtained certificate of JISQ14001:2004 and ISO14001:2004.
Mar 2009 Marged Fukushima Factory into Ibaragi Factory and Gifu Factory.
Jan 2010 Headquarters moved from Chuo ward to Taito ward.
Mar 2012 Nagoya branch moved from Nakamura ward to Naka ward.