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President greeting

President greeting
Will supply our products completely adaptable for customers

SHINSHOWA KOKAN Image As the primary matter of fact for manufacturing works, we must do our best effort to secure precision and high quality of goods, low cost basis and feasible delivery time. Basing on this concept, we have been producing cold drawn tubes for more than 70 years. Not only we have long history in this field, but also having been continuously adding revised technology for newly developing requirements of customers

For the purpose of materializing those concept of business, we are doing quality assurance basing on ISO standards,
realizing production efficiency in comply with Total Productive Maintenance(TPM) theory and also developing Total Quality Management(TQM)to combine and unite respect capability of whole personnel and employee.

From the stage of manufacturing of cold drawn tubes, we are proceeding into the field of making several kinds of parts which are processed with mechanical tubes to be applied for automobiles parts, wide purpose of machinery, etc at the same yards of tube making works .This should contribute for saving cost of yield ratio at customers’ manufacturing process, transportation cost, and inventory cost.

In comply with customers’ various demands regarding sizes and usage, we separated tube manufacturing works in two in Ibaragi(east of Japan)and Gifu(west) prefecture including parts making facilities.
Aiming perfect service to customers, we locate sales division in Tokyo and Nagoya.

We promise to do our best effort to comply with various and variable needs of world wide customers with regards to quality, cost, delivery and services.
We would appreciate it very much if you would redeem us honor of utilizing our capability for tube making and usage.

Michiharu Takiwaki,