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Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

The characteristic and manufacturing method of the cold drawing tube

The manufacturing method of the cold drawing tube
1. Produces the accurate free-size tube through the cold drawing process,
   adjusts to the dice and plug.
2. Produces the easy processing cold drawing tube, through appropriate heat treatment.
3. Produces the tube which meets customer’s needs and uses,
   adjusts to mechanical property by controlling its work-hardening property.

The manufacturing method image

The characteristics of the cold drawing tube
1. Dimensions precision is very good.
  (outside diameter and the inside diameter, as for the dimensions allowance, possible with a range by 0.01mm unit available with 0.05mm spec.)
2. Beautiful surface (finish).
3. Produces deformed tubes.
4. The mechanical properties are adjustable.

the cold drawing tube image

Manufacturing process of the cold drawing tube

1. Mother tube entry2. Swaging3. Heat Treatment4. Surface Treatment
7. Straightening6-B. Final heat treatment6-A. Midterm heat treatment5. Cold Drawing
8. Eddy Current Test and Demagnetization9. Cutting10. Beveling11. Inspection
14. Shipment13. Anti-Rust coating12. Packing

1. Mother tube entry

Mother tube entry image Mother tube entry image2
Purchase the mother tube from steel and pipe makers.

2. Swaging

Swaging image Swaging image2
The end of mother tube shapes to desired size through swaging process, for inserting tubes into the dice where they are grasped and shaped by the carriage.

3. Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment image Heat Treatment image2
Perform the equalization of materials, softening and stress release. (It may be unnecessary depending on the kind of the mother tube)

4. Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment image Surface Treatment image2
Remove the oxidized scales from the material’s surface caused by heat treatment using sulfuric acid and perform lubricating process before the cold drawing.

5. Cold Drawing

Cold Drawing image Cold Drawing image2
The outside and inside diameter reduces cold drawing with dice and plug with plug. The result of cold drawing is ensuring exacting dimensions (outside and inside diameter, wall thickness) and high-grade surface property.

6-A. Midterm heat treatment

Midterm heat treatment image Midterm heat treatment image2
Let processing work-hardened materials make softening (to facilitate the next drawing) by cold drawing.

6-B. Final heat treatment

Final heat treatment image Final heat treatment image2
After cold drawing, make the heat treatment to get the specified mechanical property.

7. Straightening

Straightening image Straightening image
After the cold drawing or the heat treatment to make the tubes straight.

8. Eddy Current Test and Demagnetization

Eddy Current Test and Demagnetization image Eddy Current Test and Demagnetization image2
Pass the tube in exciting coil and detect the defects such as flaws by a change of the electrical impedance of the detecting coil from the eddy current’s change. The pipe which became magnetized does demagnetization.

9. Cutting

Cutting image Cutting image2
Finished tubes are cut according to customer spec.

10. Beveling

Tubes are beveled according to customer spec.

11. Inspection

Inspection image
Inspection items are visual test , dimensional tolerance and mechanical properties(YS,TS,El.)

12. Packing

Packing image
Only tubes passing all inspection gates are packed according to customer spec. (pieces, weight)

13. Anti-Rust coating

Anti-Rust coating image Anti-Rust coating image2
Rust-proofing: Antirust oils are coated over surface of tube.

14. Shipment

Shipment image Finished tubes are delivered by the track.

The characteristic and manufacturing method of the automobile component tube

1. Perforating press working

The characteristic of Perforating press working
1. Press capacity is not more than 24tons power.
2. Perforating is die machining.
3. Product length is 100mm – 200mm.

A use 1. Steering column

working image

※ Insert materials in the die along the processing shape and perform press working.

2. Bore cutting

Range of bore cutting
1. Outside diameter : φ30mm-φ50mm
2. Wall Thickness: 1.6mm-3.2mm
3. Product length :100mm-200mm

A use  1. Steering column

working image2

※ Cutting the shape according to customer spec. at the tube inside diameter with CNC lathe.

3. Tube expansion working

The characteristic of tube expansion working
1. Pressurization power: 24tons
2. Expansion ratio is not more than 10%
3. Length of tube expansion is not more than 90mm
4. Product length: 200mm – 360mm

A use  1. Cylinder tube for oil pressure power steering

working image3

※ Insert materials in a die. It is processed into the shape according to customer spec. by the press fit of the punch.

4. Screw cutting and O-ring grooving

Range of Screw cutting and O-ring grooving
1. Outside diameter :φ20mm-φ80mm
2. Wall Thickness: 2.0mm-6.0mm
3. Product length:80mm-400mm

A use  1. Shock absorber

working image4

※ Make much of machined surface with CNC lathe and process screw cutting and O-ring grooving about the prevention of oil /gas leakage.

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